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Diabetes UK 2019

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Conference coverage from the 2019 Diabetes UK Professional Conference

Medicine Matters diabetes was at the DUKPC (March 6–8, 2019). View all of our coverage here.

DiRECT trial 2-year outcomes

03-06-2019 | Diet | DUKPC 2019 | News

Diabetes remission durable for a third of DiRECT participants

Just over a third of people who undertook a period on a very-low-calorie diet in the DiRECT trial to tackle type 2 diabetes are in remission 24 months later, the investigators have reported.

03-08-2019 | Diet | DUKPC 2019 | Article

The DiRECT trial in practice

Following the positive 2-year results of DiRECT, this symposium shared the first-hand experiences of a dietician, a general practitioner, and a person with diabetes who participated in the DiRECT study.

03-06-2019 | Diet | Video | Article

Expert commentary: The 2-year DiRECT outcomes

John Wilding discusses the implications of the 2-year outcomes of the DiRECT trial, and the questions that remain unanswered (4:17).

03-07-2019 | Diet | Video | Article

Clinical takeaways: The DiRECT trial

Amar Puttanna highlights the key clinical messages that have come out of the DiRECT trial (0:59).

03-07-2019 | Diet | Video | Article

Researcher comment: The 2-year outcomes of the DiRECT trial

Roy Taylor explains why the DiRECT intervention may benefit a surprisingly wide variety of people, and how the trial’s findings could trigger a major shift in thinking about how to tackle type 2 diabetes (6:45).

Disordered eating in people with diabetes

Disordered eating in people with diabetes

03-08-2019 | Psychosocial care | Video | Article

Patient engagement skills and eating disorders

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner Abeni Lüken outlines the patient engagement techniques that healthcare practitioners can use to facilitate open and positive discussions about eating disorders (4:08).

Research news

03-13-2019 | Canagliflozin | DUKPC 2019 | News

ABCD audit data reveal improved glycemic control with use of FreeStyle Libre, canagliflozin

Analyses of real-world audit data show positive initial results for the flash glucose monitoring system FreeStyle Libre and the sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitor canagliflozin.

03-12-2019 | Hypoglycemia | DUKPC 2019 | News

Nurse-led intervention can reduce mortality risk after severe hypoglycemia

Assigning people with type 2 diabetes to 3 months of focused care with a specialist diabetes nurse after an episode of severe hypoglycemia reduces their risk for mortality over the following few years, research shows.

03-11-2019 | Pregnancy | DUKPC 2019 | News

Autoantibodies in pregnancy signal high risk for impending type 1 diabetes

Women with gestational diabetes who also have autoantibodies are highly likely to go on and develop type 1 diabetes, research shows.

03-08-2019 | Diet | DUKPC 2019 | Article

The DiRECT trial in practice

Ask the expert | Diabetic retinopathy screening, pathogenesis, and treatment

Day 1 of the conference looks at reintegrating the eye into diabetes clinical care. Get up to speed on diabetic retinopathy with Ophthalmologist Philip Burgess and Diabetologist John Wilding as they discuss:


Expert opinion | Diabetes and dementia: Addressing the needs of an overlooked population

Diabetologist and Advisory Board member Amar Puttanna addresses growing concerns about the rise of dementia in diabetes care and highlights where guidelines, research efforts, and management options are needed to tackle this comorbidity.


Diabetes UK pre-conference preparation

This year's Diabetes UK Professional Conference will address the latest research and clinical guidance from leading specialists and clinical bodies, and will encompass a wide variety of themes and professional groups including:

  • Retinopathy
  • Diabetes prevention
  • Dietetics and the DiRECT study
  • Inpatient care
  • Pharmacists and primary care

Click here to read Editorial Board member John Wilding's top five session recommendations before the conference begins on March 6.


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