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05-12-2017 | Aflibercept | News

Aflibercept has edge over laser retinopathy treatment in CLARITY trial

Results of the CLARITY trial suggest that aflibercept treatment may produce better visual outcomes than laser photocoagulation in patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy.

05-08-2017 | Metformin | Editorial | Article

Metformin: What is new with this old medication?

With the arrival of slow-release formulations of metformin and the relaxation of guidelines concerning its use in patients with kidney disease, Carol Wysham explains how the population of patients who might benefit from this drug has expanded.

05-03-2016 | Obesity | Article

Weight Loss: A Patient and Physician’s Perspective

A patient affected by obesity and their obesity medicine specialist discuss the patient’s experience of living with the disease and using many different weight loss approaches.

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05-24-2017 | Artificial pancreas systems | News

Meta-analysis supports artificial pancreas superiority over pumps

Artificial pancreas systems increase time in blood glucose target range by nearly 3 hours per day compared with conventional pump therapy in outpatients with type 1 diabetes, meta-analysis data show.


Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol 2017; Advance online publication

05-23-2017 | Cardiovascular outcomes | News

Above-normal BMI carries cardiometabolic multimorbidity risk

A pooled analysis of large prospective studies shows that having an increased body mass index raises people’s risk for developing multiple cardiometabolic problems, with this risk apparent even in the overweight category.


Lancet Public Health 2017; Advance online publication

05-22-2017 | Article

Advisory board comment

Leonard R. Bertheau

05-22-2017 | Prevention | News

Retention key for US national diabetes prevention efforts

Data from the first 4 years of implementation of the US National Diabetes Prevention Program show promising results, with the more engaged patients achieving the best outcomes.

Read the linked commentary from Leonard Bertheau.


Diabetes Care 2017; Advance online publication

05-19-2017 | Sulfonylurea | News

Hypoglycemia associated with cardiovascular risk among sulfonylurea users

Patients with type 2 diabetes who experience hypoglycemia during sulfonylurea treatment are at greater risk for cardiovascular events than those who do not experience hypoglycemia, results of a US study suggest.


Diabetes Obes Metab 2017; Advance online publication

05-19-2017 | Obesity | News

In other news: European Congress on Obesity

The 24th European Congress on Obesity is taking place this week in Porto, Portugal, with key presentations including the findings from the World Health Organization’s Health Behaviour in School-aged Children survey.


European Congress on Obesity 2017

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