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Editors' pick

10-01-2019 | Diet | Case study | Article

A physician’s introduction to therapeutic fasting

Is this increasingly popular weight management tactic an option for your patients with type 2 diabetes? Primary care physician Jay Shubrook and Jamie Katuna explain in this illustrative case study.

10-16-2019 | Islet transplantation | Highlight | News

Islet transplantation benefits endure over 10 years

Three-quarters of people who undergo islet transplantation for type 1 diabetes have sustained graft survival with associated improvements in glucose control, insulin requirements, and hypoglycemia incidence 10 years later, research shows.

10-16-2019 | Continuous glucose monitoring | Feature | Article

CGM time in range: A higher standard for an engaged few?

Simon Heller explains why time-in-range targets are so helpful for people with diabetes… yet handing out continuous glucose monitoring devices willy-nilly could do more harm than good.

Latest from across the site

10-18-2019 | Ketoacidosis | News

Off-label SGLT2 inhibitor use linked to higher than expected DKA rates

Real-world, off-label sodium–glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitor use is uncommon in people with type 1 diabetes but appears to be associated with a higher than expected rate of diabetic ketoacidosis when compared with clinical trials, US researchers report.

10-16-2019 | Artificial pancreas systems | News

iDCL trial shows sustained time in range improvement with hybrid closed-loop delivery

People with type 1 diabetes using the Tandem Control-IQ hybrid closed-loop insulin delivery system spent significantly more time within their target blood glucose range than people using a sensor-augmented insulin pump during 6 months of use in the iDCL trial.

10-15-2019 | Glycemic control | News

Less stringent glycemic control targets may benefit older people with long type 2 diabetes history

The effect of glycemic control on all‐cause mortality risk depends on diabetes duration in people aged 65 years and older with type 2 diabetes, study findings indicate.

10-14-2019 | SGLT2 inhibitors | News

SGLT2 inhibitors not reaching those who could particularly benefit

The most recently approved class of glucose-lowering medication may not be reaching people with additional health conditions who would particularly benefit from these medications, a study of over a million US patients with diabetes suggests.

10-11-2019 | Physical activity | News

Repeated exposure may combat exercise heat stress in type 2 diabetes

A pilot study published in JAMA shows that although heat stress is a potential issue for men with type 2 diabetes who wish to exercise, they may be able to acclimatize through repeated brief exposures.

10-11-2019 | Medication adherence | News

Removing cost barriers not complete answer for medication adherence

Offering free medications to patients who struggle to afford them improves adherence, but with mixed effects on surrogate disease outcomes, report the CLEAN Meds researchers.


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