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03-01-2019 | Retinopathy | Video | Article

Diabetic retinopathy: Screening

Speakers: Philip Burgess, John Wilding

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Ophthalmologist Philip Burgess joins Clinical Diabetologist John Wilding to discuss diabetic retinopathy screening and the key role that it plays in reducing vision loss among people with diabetes (10:00).

Learning points

  • The level of risk posed by diabetic retinopathy and the impact that systematic screening has had on outcomes in people with diabetes.
  • The challenges associated with administering a systematic retinopathy screening program.
  • The current and future role of technological advancements in artificial intelligence.
  • The potential benefits and drawbacks to individualizing retinopathy screening intervals on adherence and outcomes.
  • Prospective methods of overcoming the obstacles associated with delivering systematic screening in low and middle income countries.

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