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Type 1 diabetes

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Monoclonal antibody model

10-23-2023 | Type 1 diabetes | News

Teplizumab may PROTECT β-cell function in youth with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes

Early treatment with the anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody teplizumab may help to preserve β-cell function in children and adolescents with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes, results of the phase 3 PROTECT study show.

Four out of ten

10-03-2023 | Type 1 diabetes | News

Four in 10 US adults with type 1 diabetes diagnosed after 30 years of age

Type 1 diabetes onset may be more common during adulthood than previously thought, which could increase the risk for it being misdiagnosed as type 2 diabetes.

Data for health analytics concept

03-03-2023 | Healthcare systems | News

Health informatics system aids timely, equitable diabetes care

A health informatics system based on routine clinical data helps physicians to prioritize high-risk people with diabetes, deliver more equitable care, and manage healthcare capacity, report researchers.