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Type 1 diabetes

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09-22-2021 | Faster-acting insulin aspart | News

Real-world backing for glycemic benefits of faster aspart

Switching to fast-acting insulin aspart is associated with an increased time in range and reduced glycemic variability, show data from a real-world observational study.

09-06-2021 | COVID-19 | News

Pandemic rise in DKA admissions conceals opposing trends

Researchers find the increase in hospital admissions for diabetic ketoacidosis in England during the COVID-19 pandemic was caused by additional admissions of people with new-onset or type 2 diabetes.

07-21-2021 | Disordered eating | News

Eating disorders tied to increased DKA, mortality risk in young people with type 1 diabetes

The presence of an eating disorder diagnosis significantly increases the risk for diabetic ketoacidosis and all-cause mortality in adolescents and young adults with type 1 diabetes, shows a population-based study.

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