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Type 1 diabetes

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06-28-2022 | Pregnancy | News

CGM data highlight need for early glucose control in type 1 diabetes pregnancies

Continuous glucose monitoring metrics show early divergence between pregnant women with type 1 diabetes who subsequently give birth to normal weight versus large for gestational age infants, study findings indicate.

Sphygmomanometer on blue, reflective table with black background

06-17-2022 | Hypertension | News

‘Reverse dipping’ forecasts long-term mortality in people with diabetes

Having blood pressure that is higher at night than during the day is associated with an increased mortality risk in people with diabetes, shows a 21-year study.

Syringe and glucometer on a table - blood sugar in diabetes concept

06-14-2022 | Pathogenesis | News

People with ‘low BMI diabetes’ have a unique metabolic profile

Researchers have characterized an atypical form of diabetes in Indian men with low BMI, which has a unique metabolic profile setting it apart from type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

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