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03-01-2019 | Retinopathy | Video | Article

Diabetic retinopathy: Treatment

Speakers: Philip Burgess, John Wilding

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Ophthalmologist Philip Burgess joins Clinical Diabetologist John Wilding to discuss the treatment of sight-threatening retinopathy and maculopathy in people with diabetes (9:11).

Learning points

  • The impact of laser treatment on VEGF production in the peripheral retina.
  • Recent evidence demonstrating the efficacy of anti-VEGF monoclonal antibodies  delivered via intravitreal injection.
  • The key treatment benefits and drawbacks for choosing injection therapy versus laser therapy
  • The approaches being investigated to minimize the treatment burden and drawbacks associated with multiple anti-VEGF monoclonal antibody injections and laser treatment.
  • New approaches being investigated including, endothelial progenitor cell based therapy.

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