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Diabetic complications

Glycemic variability modifies mortality risk in older diabetes patients

Elderly diabetic patient (symbolic image with models)

The excess mortality risk associated with high or very low glycated hemoglobin values is modified by glycemic variability in diabetes patients aged 70 years or more, shows an analysis of The Health Improvement Network database.

Latest headlines

04-18-2018 | Artificial pancreas systems | News

Data support artificial pancreas for type 1 diabetes, but better evidence needed

Analysis of the research to date comparing artificial pancreas treatment with other insulin systems supports its ability to significantly improve glycemic control in patients with type 1 diabetes, while reducing the burden of hypoglycemia.


BMJ 2018; 361: k1310, k1613

04-18-2018 | Nephropathy | News

Neprilysin inhibition appears beneficial in diabetic kidney disease

Secondary analysis of the PARADIGM-HF trial shows that the adverse effects of diabetes on kidney function can be ameliorated by a neprilysin inhibitor.


Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol 2018; Advance online publication

04-18-2018 | Continuous glucose monitoring | News

CGM may be cost-effective in type 1 diabetes

Analysis of the DIAMOND study shows that continuous glucose monitoring in patients with type 1 diabetes could be considered cost-effective, although this depends on the value for money threshold used.


Diabetes Care 2018; Advance online publication

04-17-2018 | Medications | News

Modern antidiabetic medications ranked for survival benefits

A network meta-analysis published in JAMA offers indirect comparisons of the survival benefits associated with use of the most recent antidiabetic agents.


JAMA 2018; 319: 1580–1591

In depth

03-27-2018 | Inpatient diabetes | Feature | Article

The inpatient diabetes audit: A tool for change

With the 2017 NaDIA results showing some positive trends in inpatient diabetes care, medwireNews talks to national clinical lead Gerry Rayman about the tools and tactics to deliver the best patient outcomes.

04-17-2018 | Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors | At a glance | Article

Round up of the DPP-4 inhibitor CV outcome trials

medwireNews provides a brief overview of the published and ongoing dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitorscardiovascular outcomes trials.

01-15-2018 | Type 1 diabetes | Hot topic review | Article

What do we know about adjunct non-insulin medications in type 1 diabetes?

medwireNews outlines which medications have so far been tested as adjunct treatments for type 1 diabetes and summarizes the key trial data showing their benefits or otherwise.

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