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Type 1 diabetes

CGM use during pregnancy improves maternal glycemic control, neonatal outcomes


The CONCEPTT trial results suggest that the use of continuous glucose monitoring by pregnant women with type 1 diabetes improves glycemic control and neonatal outcomes relative to standard glucose monitoring.

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09-22-2017 | Physical activity | News

News in brief

PURE study shows global physical activity benefits

The PURE study shows that the cardiovascular disease and mortality risk reductions attainable with regular physical activity apply regardless of whether people live in countries with high, middle, or low income.

09-22-2017 | Older adults | EASD 2017 | News

Optimizing outcomes: System and patient factors

An EASD session on optimizing patient outcomes included research into the effect of guideline adherence, predictors of changes in medication adherence, and overtreatment of older people with diabetes.


EASD 2017; Lisbon, Portugal: 11–15 September

09-22-2017 | Insulin glargine | EASD 2017 | News

News in brief

Higher dose of insulin glargine supported for type 2 diabetes

Results of a pooled analysis suggest that the 300 U/mL dose of insulin glargine is associated with a lower risk for hypoglycemia than the 100 U/mL dose.

09-22-2017 | Medication adherence | EASD 2017 | News

News in brief

Sliding scale for medication adherence and CVD protection

Adherence to lipid-lowering drugs is crucial for reducing cardiovascular disease risk among patients with type 2 diabetes, but taking only some of the prescribed medication is better than none at all, study results suggest.

In depth

SGLT2 inhibitors: The story so far

Editorial board member John Wilding discusses the lessons for healthcare professionals from the SGLT2 inhibitor cardiovascular outcome trials about the benefits and drawbacks of the medication class.

Dissecting the CANVAS trial

Listen to Editorial Board members and CANVAS investigators Carol Wysham and Lori Berard discussing the efficacy and safety findings of the trials.

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