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Data for health analytics concept

03-03-2023 | Healthcare systems | News

Health informatics system aids timely, equitable diabetes care

A health informatics system based on routine clinical data helps physicians to prioritize high-risk people with diabetes, deliver more equitable care, and manage healthcare capacity, report researchers.

Senior man with glucometer checking blood sugar

11-29-2022 | Older adults | News

Call to rethink CGM advice for older adults

Analysis of participants in the ORACL trial leads researchers to suggest that nonfrail older adults with type 1 diabetes are better off following time in range guidance aimed at younger people.

White plate with spoon and fork in clock formation, fasting concept

03-31-2022 | Diet | Hot topic review | Article

Fasting and people with diabetes

Read this Hot Topic Review to catch up on the latest research into the risks and benefits of fasting for people with diabetes.


Hypoglycemia in people taking alpha-glucosidase inhibitors

Hypoglycemia presentations that require deviation from standard management are rare, but challenging. To learn how to proceed in such cases, read this series by Sanjay Kalra, outlining these instances and offering pragmatic advice.

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Improve your knowledge with a free medical education program

A blended independent educational program designed by Springer Healthcare IME, in collaboration with the International Hypoglycaemia Study Group (IHSG), for diabetes specialists, primary care physicians, and specialist diabetes nurses involved in the treatment and management of people with diabetes.

This program has been made possible with an educational grant from Novo Nordisk A/S.

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Program content

Interactive eLearning modules

Interactive eLearning modules

Test your knowledge with two interactive activities authored by international diabetes experts:

  1. Initial introduction of therapy, looking at the most appropriate and individualized treatment plans to avoid the risk of hypoglycemia.
  2. Monitoring and follow-up, focusing on continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) data interpretation and treatment inertia.
Interactive map

Interactive map

Compare trial data from around the World as regional experts discuss the global burden of hypoglycemia.

Interactive glucose profiles

Interactive glucose profiles

Guided by diabetes specialists, choose and explore different treatment paths by introducing new insulins and technologies.

Faculty: Professor Timothy Jones (Australia), Dr Emma Wilmot (UK)



Watch experts in a lively debate presenting real-life patient cases, and discussing where newer therapies can be best utilized.

Faculty: Simon Heller (UK), Kamlesh Khunti (UK), Hermelinda C Pedrosa (Brazil), Elizabeth R Seaquist (USA)

Patient case studies

Patient case studies

Test yourself with three expert-authored case studies involving patients presenting with hypoglycemia complications. What treatment advice would you give them?

Faculty: Professor Kamlesh Khunti (UK), Dr Yingying Luo (China), Professor Ulrik Pedersen-Bjergaard (Denmark)

Practical workshops

Practical workshops

Watch hypothetical patient–doctor consultations covering patient fears and how to manage them. Learn with practical advice given by clinicians as they offer commentary and insights throughout the workshop.

Faculty: Professor Stephanie Amiel (UK), Professor Simon Heller (UK), Dr Emma Wilmot (UK)