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DiRECT: Type 2 diabetes remission through weight management

The primary findings

The ground-breaking Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DiRECT) showed for the first time that substantial weight loss achieved with diet alone in a primary care setting could reverse type 2 diabetes.

DiRECT: Diabetes remission achievable in primary care
News | 4-min read

DiRECT: Diabetes remission achievable in primary care

Nearly half of the patients helped to follow a very-low-calorie diet for at least 3 months achieved and maintained remission of type 2 diabetes over the 12 months of the DiRECT intervention, the investigators report. 

The 2-year outcomes

The DiRECT investigators followed up the study participants to assess how many remained in remission.

Diabetes remission durable for a third of DiRECT participants
News | 4-min read

Diabetes remission durable for a third of DiRECT participants

Just over a third of people who undertook a period on a very-low-calorie diet in the DiRECT trial to tackle type 2 diabetes are in remission 24 months later, the investigators have reported.

Translating DiRECT

How does the intervention work in routine practice and outside of the UK?

The DiRECT approach to weight loss: Efficacious and pragmatic
In depth | 25-min listen

The DiRECT approach to weight loss: Efficacious and pragmatic

DiRECT trial dietitian Alison Barnes discusses the challenges and triumphs of using a very-low-calorie, total-meal-replacement diet to help people with type 2 diabetes achieve weight loss and maintenance.

Latest reporting on DiRECT

More research findings from the DiRECT, including mechanisms and cost-effectiveness.

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Weight gain

01-12-2021 | Diet | News

Ghrelin changes predict weight regain after DiRECT diet

Ghrelin is the only appetite-related hormone that predicted weight regain among the participants of the DiRECT trial, say the researchers.

10-09-2020 | Diet | News

Pancreatic morphology normalizes with sustained type 2 diabetes remission

Sustained remission of type 2 diabetes in DiRECT was accompanied by normalization of pancreatic morphology, say the researchers.

09-09-2020 | Diet | News

Weight loss strongest predictor of remission in DiRECT

The strongest predictor of type 2 diabetes remission is weight loss, with other variables only modestly associated with outcome and insufficient to identify people unsuitable for attempting this goal, shows a post-hoc analysis of DiRECT data.

06-19-2019 | Diet | ADA 2019 | News

DiRECT: Beta cells ‘not dead’ in type 2 diabetes

People who achieved sustained remission of type 2 diabetes via substantial weight loss in the DiRECT trial regained normal maximal beta-cell capacity, the investigators report.

05-15-2019 | Diet | News

DiRECT/Counterweight-Plus intervention could be cost-effective long-term

Type 2 diabetes remission can be achieved within 1 year at a cost below the average annual cost of diabetes management, even when including complications, shows an economic evaluation of the DiRECT/Counterweight-Plus weight management program.

03-20-2018 | Diet | News

DiRECT: Effects on insulin and liver fat revealed

Researchers from the DiRECT trial have reported large positive effects on liver fat and insulin secretion among people who achieved type 2 diabetes remission in response to a very-low-calorie diet.