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04-10-2018 | Metabolic surgery | Review | Article

Intestinal and Gastric Origins for Diabetes Resolution After Bariatric Surgery

Current Obesity Reports

Authors: Caroline A. Andrew, Devika Umashanker, Louis J. Aronne, Alpana P. Shukla

Publisher: Springer US


Purpose of Review

This paper will review the intestinal and gastric origins for diabetes resolution after bariatric surgery.

Recent Findings

In addition to the known metabolic effects of changes in the gut hormonal milieu, more recent studies investigating the role of the microbiome and bile acids and changes in nutrient sensing mechanisms have been shown to have glycemic effects in human and animal models.


Independent of weight loss, there are multiple mechanisms that may lead to amelioration or resolution of diabetes following bariatric surgery. There is abundant evidence pointing to changes in gut hormones, bile acids, gut microbiome, and intestinal nutrient sensing; more research is needed to clearly delineate their role in regulating energy and glucose homeostasis after bariatric surgery.

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