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Personalising the screening for sight threatening diabetic retinopathy

Friday, September 20, 12:15–13:45. Joslin Hall, Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Spain

Chair: R. Simó, Spain

  1. Personalised approaches to screening for diabetic retinopathy. A. Ochs, UK 
  2. Developments in individualised risk based screening, applicable to large local populations. D. M. Broadbent, UK
  3. Cost effectiveness of personalised screening and scaling up to address a worldwide “pandemic”. M. James, UK

Can risk-based and personalized screening approaches help to optimize retinopathy screening in diabetes?

John Wilding, Professor of Medicine, UK

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Ask the expert: Diabetic retinopathy screening

Ophthalmologist Philip Burgess joins Clinical Diabetologist John Wilding to discuss diabetic retinopathy screening and the key role that it plays in reducing vision loss among people with diabetes (10:00).

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