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John Wilding

John Wilding, DM, FRCP, leads Clinical Research into Obesity, Diabetes and Endocrinology at the University of Liverpool, UK. He trained in medicine in Southampton and at the Hammersmith Hospital, London, where he also undertook three years laboratory-based research into the neurobiology of obesity and diabetes. He has worked at University Hospital Aintree, Liverpool, since 1996 and as Professor of Medicine since 2005. He leads specialist services for severe obesity at University Hospital Aintree – designated a Centre for Obesity Management by the European Association for the Study of Obesity. He is a Council member of the Royal College of Physicians and chairs the UK National Clinical Research Network Metabolic and Endocrine Speciality Group. He has published over 250 research papers, chapters and review articles related to his clinical and laboratory research interests in the pathophysiology of obesity and type 2 diabetes and evaluation of new treatments. When not at work he likes to swim, bike and run and completed his first ‘Iron distance’ triathlon in 2015.


Latest contributions from John Wilding

John Wilding

01-19-2022 | Hyperglycemia | View from the clinic | Article

Corticosteroid treatment and the consequences for glucose control

John Wilding highlights the issue of hyperglycemia triggered by use of high-dose steroids and discusses management strategies.

John Wilding

06-29-2021 | ADA 2021 | Conference coverage | Video

The SURPASS trials so far: Tirzepatide, semaglutide, and type 2 diabetes

John Wilding gives an overview of the SURPASS findings to date, and discusses their importance and how tirzepatide may be used in the clinic.

John WIlding

02-11-2021 | Semaglutide | Commentary | Article

STEP 1: Semaglutide for weight loss

Lead author of the STEP 1 trial, John Wilding, discusses the findings and what they may mean for the treatment of people with obesity (5:42)

Joint forces boxing gloves

10-14-2020 | Type 2 diabetes | Editorial | Article

Tirzepatide: A new challenger for type 2 diabetes management?

What does the future hold for the novel agent tirzepatide, a GIP/GLP-1 co-agonist? John Wilding examines what we know so far.

Sanjay Kalra, Lori Berard, John Wilding

10-07-2020 | EASD 2020 | Conference coverage | Article

EASD 2020: Editorial Board conference highlights

Listen to Sanjay Kalra, John Wilding and Lori Berard reflecting on their research highlights of this year’s virtual 56th EASD Annual Meeting (39:05).

ADA highlights 4by3

06-24-2020 | ADA 2020 | Conference coverage | Article

ADA 2020 goes virtual! Editorial Board conference highlights

Listen to our Editorial Board reflecting on their ADA scientific highlights, and its novel virtual format (34:17).

Balancing pros and cons

05-06-2020 | Type 2 diabetes | Editorial | Article

Oral semaglutide: A technical triumph, with caveats

Diabetologist and Editorial Board member John Wilding gives his opinion on the latest addition to the GLP-1RA class, oral semaglutide.

09-24-2019 | Type 2 diabetes | Podcast | Article

How was it for you? The experts discuss EASD 2019

Our clinical advisors discuss their EASD 2019 highlights, including new treatment options for children and older adults with type 2 diabetes, the complexities surrounding hypoglycemia prevention, and the implications of the VERIFY trial.

John Wilding

04-16-2019 | Nephropathy | Video | Article

Diabetes expert commentary: The CREDENCE trial

In this video interview, diabetes specialist John Wilding discusses how the CREDENCE trial findings may impact the treatment of people with type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease (3:31).

John Wilding

03-06-2019 | Diet | Video | Article

Expert commentary: The 2-year DiRECT outcomes

John Wilding discusses the implications of the 2-year outcomes of the DiRECT trial, and the questions that remain unanswered (4:17).

John Wilding, Philip Burgess

03-01-2019 | Retinopathy | Video | Article

Diabetic retinopathy: Treatment

Ophthalmologist Philip Burgess joins Clinical Diabetologist John Wilding to discuss the treatment of sight-threatening retinopathy and maculopathy in people with diabetes (9:11).

John Wilding, Philip Burgess

03-01-2019 | Retinopathy | Video | Article

Diabetic retinopathy: Pathogenesis

Ophthalmologist Philip Burgess joins Clinical Diabetologist John Wilding to discuss the disease processes that lead to retinopathy in people with diabetes (9:11).

John Wilding, Philip Burgess

03-01-2019 | Retinopathy | Video | Article

Diabetic retinopathy: Screening

Ophthalmologist Philip Burgess joins Clinical Diabetologist John Wilding to discuss diabetic retinopathy screening and the key role that it plays in reducing vision loss among people with diabetes (10:00).

Sleep apnea (symbolic image with model)

12-14-2018 | Sleep apnea | Editorial | Article

Diabetes and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome: Double trouble

Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome is a common and potentially serious comorbidity in people with diabetes and obesity. John Wilding highlights what you need to know about the condition.

John Wilding

11-16-2018 | Dapagliflozin | Video | Article

Researcher comment: DECLARE-TIMI 58

DECLARE-TIMI 58 steering committee member John Wilding talks us through the trial's findings (5:49).

John Wilding

10-06-2018 | Albiglutide | EASD 2018 | Article

Expert commentary: The HARMONY trial

John Wilding discusses the unexpected results of HARMONY, the albiglutide cardiovascular outcomes study (2:43).

John Wilding

06-27-2018 | SGLT2 inhibitors | ADA 2018 | Article

Expert commentary: SGLT2 inhibition in type 1 diabetes patients

John Wilding has been sitting on the fence about the prospects for SGLT2 inhibitors in type 1 diabetes. Is he swayed by the latest findings? (3:43)

Mara Zemgaliete/

03-19-2018 | Diet | Podcast | Article

UK nutrition guidelines: A fresh approach

Board members John Wilding and Pamela Dyson talk about the fresh approach taken to the latest update of the Diabetes UK nutrition guidelines (9:43).

John Wilding

03-16-2018 | Obesity | Editorial | Article

The updated Diabetes UK nutrition guidelines: an obesity specialist’s view

John Wilding explains how the latest update of the nutrition guidelines will help clinicians working with patients with obesity (1:53).

Pill in hand (symbolic image with model)

02-13-2018 | Older adults | Editorial | Article

Does setting treatment targets risk the overtreatment of type 2 diabetes in older patients?

The drive to achieve lower HbA1c targets in older patients is not without concern or risk. Our UK Board address concerns highlighted by recent trials and discuss whether current guidelines do enough to mitigate the risks of overtreatment.