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Video commentaries

Expert commentaries from clinicians and researchers on clinical trials, guidelines and topical issues in diabetes care.

ADA 2020 interviews

06-18-2020 | ADA 2020 | Conference coverage | Video

Expert commentary: The VERTIS-CV trial

Francesco Giorgino comments on the findings from the VERTIS-CV trial, and discusses the cardiovascular efficacy and safety of ertugliflozin in the context of the SGLT2 inhibitor class (10:10).

06-16-2020 | ADA 2020 | Conference coverage | Video

Researcher comment: The VERTIS-CV trial

Lead investigator Chris Cannon discusses the VERTIS-CV trial, showing that the SGLT2 inhibitor ertugliflozin is noninferior to placebo for the prevention of major adverse cardiovascular events in patients with type 2 diabetes and established atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (7:16).

06-15-2020 | ADA 2020 | Conference coverage | Video

Researcher comment: Putting telehealth into practice for type 2 diabetes

Matthew Crowley discusses the successful implementation of a telehealth service for rural people with type 2 diabetes in clinical practice and its relevance to the current pandemic (13:07).

06-14-2020 | ADA 2020 | Conference coverage | Video

Expert commentary: Icosapent ethyl lowers cardiovascular risk in people with diabetes

Jay Shubrook comments on a subgroup analysis of the REDUCE-IT trial demonstrating that icosapent ethyl reduces the risk for cardiovascular events in statin-treated patients with diabetes (3:39).

EASD 2019 interviews

09-20-2019 | Heart failure | Video | Article

Researcher comment: The DEFINE-HF trial results

Mikhail Kosiborod outlines the findings from the DEFINE-HF trial, and discusses the possible reasons why dapagliflozin had an impact on one primary endpoint but not the other (5:48).

09-20-2019 | Nephropathy | Video | Article

Expert commentary: The PRIORITY trial results

Luigi Gnudi discusses the findings of the PRIORITY trial and addresses whether diabetologists should consider intervening earlier in diabetic nephropathy (4:08).

09-20-2019 | Insulin degludec | Video | Article

Researcher comment: The CONCLUDE trial

Athena Philis-Tsimikas discusses which patients may benefit the most from treatment with long-acting insulins, and how the data from CONCLUDE compare with real-world study findings (2:38).

ADA 2019 interviews

06-13-2019 | Prediabetes | ADA 2019 | Article

Expert commentary: The RISE study

With all three RISE studies now published, John Wilding reflects on the pathophysiological differences between children and adults with type 2 diabetes (2:12).

06-12-2019 | Linagliptin | ADA 2019 | Article

Expert commentary: An endocrinologist's view of the CAROLINA trial

Sanjay Kalra tells us why he is so reassured by the findings of the CAROLINA trial pitting linagliptin against glimepiride (2:38).

06-11-2019 | Semaglutide | ADA 2019 | Article

Researcher comment: The PIONEER 6 oral semaglutide cardiovascular outcomes study

PIONEER 6 lead investigator Mansoor Husain discusses the results of the trial, and how oral and injectable semaglutide compare and can be used in the clinic (4:40).

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