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Video commentary archive

EASD 2019 interviews

Mikhail Kosiborod

09-20-2019 | Heart failure | Video | Article

Researcher comment: The DEFINE-HF trial results

Mikhail Kosiborod outlines the findings from the DEFINE-HF trial, and discusses the possible reasons why dapagliflozin had an impact on one primary endpoint but not the other (5:48).

Luigi Gnudi

09-20-2019 | Nephropathy | Video | Article

Expert commentary: The PRIORITY trial results

Luigi Gnudi discusses the findings of the PRIORITY trial and addresses whether diabetologists should consider intervening earlier in diabetic nephropathy (4:08).

Athena Philis-Tsimikas

09-20-2019 | Insulin degludec | Video | Article

Researcher comment: The CONCLUDE trial

Athena Philis-Tsimikas discusses which patients may benefit the most from treatment with long-acting insulins, and how the data from CONCLUDE compare with real-world study findings (2:38).

ADA 2019 interviews

John Wilding

06-13-2019 | Prediabetes | ADA 2019 | Article

Expert commentary: The RISE study

With all three RISE studies now published, John Wilding reflects on the pathophysiological differences between children and adults with type 2 diabetes (2:12).

Sanjay Kalra

06-12-2019 | Linagliptin | ADA 2019 | Article

Expert commentary: An endocrinologist's view of the CAROLINA trial

Sanjay Kalra tells us why he is so reassured by the findings of the CAROLINA trial pitting linagliptin against glimepiride (2:38).

Mansoor Husain

06-11-2019 | Semaglutide | ADA 2019 | Article

Researcher comment: The PIONEER 6 oral semaglutide cardiovascular outcomes study

PIONEER 6 lead investigator Mansoor Husain discusses the results of the trial, and how oral and injectable semaglutide compare and can be used in the clinic (4:40).

2019 Diabetes UK Professional Conference interviews

Roy Taylor

03-07-2019 | Diet | Video | Article

Researcher comment: The 2-year outcomes of the DiRECT trial

Roy Taylor explains why the DiRECT intervention may benefit a surprisingly wide variety of people, and how the trial’s findings could trigger a major shift in thinking about how to tackle type 2 diabetes (6:45).

John Wilding

03-06-2019 | Diet | Video | Article

Expert commentary: The 2-year DiRECT outcomes

John Wilding discusses the implications of the 2-year outcomes of the DiRECT trial, and the questions that remain unanswered (4:17).

Amar Puttanna

03-07-2019 | Diet | Video | Article

Clinical takeaways: The DiRECT trial

Amar Puttanna highlights the key clinical messages that have come out of the DiRECT trial (0:59).

Abeni Lüken

03-08-2019 | Psychosocial care | Video | Article

Patient engagement skills and eating disorders

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner Abeni Lüken outlines the patient engagement techniques that healthcare practitioners can use to facilitate open and positive discussions about eating disorders (4:08).

12th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes interviews

Tim Jones

02-22-2019 | Psychosocial care | ATTD 2019 | Article

Psychosocial research in diabetes: An endocrinologist’s viewpoint

Tim Jones explains why psychosocial research matters to clinicians, and discusses a randomized trial of continuous glucose monitoring from the point of diabetes diagnosis (3:11).

Simon Heller

02-21-2019 | Hypoglycemia | ATTD 2019 | Article

Expert commentary: Gauging hypoglycemia risk in routine clinical practice

Simon Heller outlines some straightforward tactics for assessing people’s risk for hypoglycemia during routine consultations (2:49).

Lori Berard

02-23-2019 | Devices and technology | ATTD 2019 | Article

Technology conference highlights from a diabetes educator

Editorial board member Lori Berard gives her take-home messages from the 2019 ATTD conference (1:42).

Katharine Barnard

02-21-2019 | Psychosocial care | ATTD 2019 | Article

Expert highlights: Psychology and patient-reported outcome symposia at ATTD

Kath Barnard talks about why is it important to feature psychologic research and patient-reported outcomes at a diabetes technology conference (1:44).

Korey Hood

02-22-2019 | Psychosocial care | ATTD 2019 | Article

Expert highlights: Psychologic issues influencing device uptake in teens with diabetes

Korey Hood outlines some psychologic issues that should be addressed to optimize the uptake of diabetes technologies by adolescents (4:46).

Korey Hood

02-22-2019 | Continuous glucose monitoring | ATTD 2019 | Article

Researcher comment: The benefits of starting CGM immediately after diabetes diagnosis

Korey Hood discusses his research looking at the effects on patients and carers of starting continuous glucose monitoring straight after diabetes diagnosis (4:25).