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02-11-2019 | Inpatient diabetes | Video | Article

Hospitalized patients using insulin pumps

Speakers: Pratik Choudhary, Lori Berard

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Diabetologist Pratik Choudhary and Nurse Consultant Lori Berard discuss considerations around the use of diabetes self-management technologies within the hospital setting. In this video, Pratik and Lori tackle inpatient use of continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion devices, also referred to as insulin pumps (8:42).

Learning points include:

  •  The basics on how insulin pump delivery systems work and the different modes in which they can operate.
  • Considerations for patients who are admitted while using an insulin pump, but lack the necessary equipment to maintain their therapy.
  • Common insulin pump-related reasons for admission to hospital (eg, cannula blockage) and typical presentations for these patients (eg, high ketones).
  • The basics on how hybrid closed-loop insulin delivery systems work and considerations for patients that are admitted using these devices.


More videos in this series:

  1. Hospitalized patients that use continuous glucose monitoring devices and insulin dosing apps.
  2. Hospitalized patients using insulin pumps.
  3. Emergency admissions for patients using diabetes devices.
  4. Hospital admissions for surgery or radiology in patients using diabetes devices.
  5. Diabetes device use in women admitted to the maternity ward.

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