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04-16-2016 | Psychosocial care | Review | Article

The Psychosocial Challenges and Care of Older Adults with Diabetes: “Can’t Do What I Used To Do; Can’t Be Who I Once Was”

Current Diabetes Reports

Authors: Elizabeth A. Beverly, Marilyn D. Ritholz, Chelsea Shepherd, Katie Weinger

Publisher: Springer US


The prevalence of diabetes is increasing in older populations worldwide. Older adults with diabetes have unique psychosocial and medical challenges that impact self-care and glycemic control. These challenges may include psychological factors such as depression or anxiety, social factors such loss of independence and removal from home environment/placement in a facility, and medical factors such as multiple comorbidities and polypharmacy. Importantly, these challenges interact and complicate the everyday life of the older adult with diabetes. Thus, timely identification and interventions for psychosocial and medical challenges are a necessary component of diabetes care. This review summarizes the current literature, research findings, and clinical recommendations for psychosocial care in older adults with diabetes.

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