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08-25-2015 | Metabolic surgery | Article

Clinical Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus after Bariatric Surgery

Current Atherosclerosis Reports

Authors: Vishesh Khanna, Sangeeta R. Kashyap

Publisher: Springer US


Bariatric surgery has emerged as an effective treatment for type 2 diabetes in the setting of obesity, with recent clinical trials demonstrating biochemical remission (i.e., euglycemia) in up to 40 % of subjects at 3 years post-surgery. Conversely, these trials also highlight that a significant proportion of individuals undergoing bariatric surgery experience residual diabetes (i.e., they do not achieve remission or experience diabetes recurrence). The management of residual diabetes following surgery requires personalized attention, yet limited evidence exists on which to base clinical decisions. Hence, we aim to review the evidence that does exist and propose clinical management strategies in patients with persistent hyperglycemia following bariatric surgery.

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