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07-13-2016 | Diabetic foot | Review | Article

Pharmaceutical perspectives of impaired wound healing in diabetic foot ulcer

Journal of Pharmaceutical Investigation

Authors: Hui-Chong Lau, Aeri Kim

Publisher: Springer Netherlands


Treatment for diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) remains as one of the biggest clinical concerns in diabetic disease. DFU often causes a prolonged treatment and eventually leads to a non-healing wound ulcer. An impaired foot ulcer is often associated with a high number of amputation cases in diabetes patients. Owing to progress in the scientific research on DFU, better understanding of the mechanisms, pathophysiology of DFU has provided an insight into the advanced treatment of DFU. This includes the use of bioactive compounds and tissue engineering approach for the regeneration of damaged cells. Despite the availability of various wound treatments and dressing products in the market, most of the current products have drawbacks and limitations in terms of the pharmaceutics perspectives. Hence, pitfalls and challenges remain to develop an effective medicinal treatment product for DFU. In this paper, we discuss the current treatments available and the promising bioactive compounds for DFU. We also review advanced treatments for DFU and their limitations from the pharmaceutical point of views.