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04-10-2012 | Diabetic foot | Book chapter | Article

23. Organization of the Diabetic Foot Care Team

Authors: DPM John M. Giurini, MD Frank B. Pomposelli Jr.

Publisher: Humana Press


Diabetes is a multifaceted disease characterized by a multitude of complications. Patients with diabetes present not only with lower extremity complications, i.e., peripheral vascular disease and ulcerations, but also with chronic renal disease, cardiac disease, or gastrointestinal disturbances. For this reason, a multidisciplinary team is essential to the management of these complications even when patients are admitted for seemingly unrelated conditions. Failure to recognize and manage these comorbid conditions can lead to prolonged hospitalizations and less than optimal outcomes. This is not a new statement or concept. Clinical practice and reports strongly support the importance and efficacy of the team approach, whether it is for managing diabetic foot complications or other complications of diabetes.

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