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Diabetes complications & comorbidities

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02-25-2021 | Mental health | News

Community-based depression intervention cost-effective for people with type 2 diabetes

Findings from a modeling study suggest that community-based exercise and cognitive behavioral therapy interventions for depression in people with type 2 diabetes are cost-effective in the long-term.

02-22-2021 | Canagliflozin | News

Antihypertensive effect for canagliflozin in diabetic renal disease

The SGLT2 inhibitor canagliflozin reduces blood pressure and the need for additional antihypertensives in people with type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease, research suggests.

02-05-2021 | Epidemiology | News

Cancer overhauls vascular disease as top cause of death for people with diabetes

The decline in mortality from vascular disease means that cancer is now the leading cause of death in people with diabetes, show data from the UK.

02-04-2021 | Comorbidities | News

High CVD risk at type 2 diabetes diagnosis increasingly common

The proportion of people with new-onset type 2 diabetes who have high cardiovascular risk has increased consistently over time, with a particularly notable rise in the prevalence of cardiometabolic multimorbidity among young people, researchers report.

01-29-2021 | Ketoacidosis | News

Mental health issues may contribute to recurrent DKA risk

Researchers find that people with recurrent diabetic ketoacidosis have an increased rate of mental health problems such as diabetes distress and personality disorder.

01-25-2021 | Metabolic surgery | News

Glycemic benefits of metabolic surgery endure for at least 10 years

Metabolic surgery can result in type 2 diabetes remission lasting for at least 10 years, and people who relapse still achieve markedly improved glycemic control, shows follow-up from a randomized trial published in The Lancet.

01-22-2021 | Risk factors | News

‘Suboptimal metabolic control’ in people with arthritis, type 2 diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes and comorbid rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis have a clinical profile of severe diabetes with poor glycemic control, researchers report.

01-18-2021 | Hypoglycemia | News

Restored brain functions parallel regain of hypoglycemia awareness

Researchers find partial restoration of brain responses to hypoglycemia in people with type 1 diabetes who recover hypoglycemia awareness during a multifactorial intervention.

01-08-2021 | Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease | News

Liver fibrosis common in type 2 diabetes

Researchers have detected moderate or severe liver fibrosis in around one in six people with type 2 diabetes.

01-08-2021 | Ketoacidosis | News

DKA predictors could facilitate targeted SGLT2 inhibitor use in type 1 diabetes

Increased BMI and insulin resistance are important predictors of diabetic ketoacidosis risk among people with type 1 diabetes using SGLT2 inhibitors, say the authors of a meta-analysis and meta-regression.

01-07-2021 | Hypoglycemia | News

Any residual C-peptide offers protection for people with type 1 diabetes

Any amount of residual C-peptide is protective against some type 1 diabetes complications, show findings from a large, population-based study.

01-06-2021 | Continuous glucose monitoring | News

Trial demonstrates some benefits of CGM in young children with type 1 diabetes

The use of continuous glucose monitoring does not increase time in range in young children with type 1 diabetes, but may improve other glycemic indices, researchers report.

01-05-2021 | Heart failure | News

Support for fluid reduction mechanism underlying SGLT2 inhibitor cardiorenal benefits

The SGLT2 inhibitor empagliflozin reduces estimated extracellular volume and plasma volume in patients who have heart failure with reduced ejection fraction, shows a randomized trial.

12-18-2020 | Dapagliflozin | Highlight | News

DAPA-CKD: Dapagliflozin renoprotective regardless of underlying CKD etiology

A prespecified analysis of data from the DAPA-CKD trial suggests that add-on treatment with dapagliflozin slows decline in renal function among patients with chronic kidney disease irrespective of the underlying etiology.

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