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07-29-2021 | Cardiovascular disorders | News

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Insulin resistance associated with heart failure, death risk in early type 2 diabetes

Alba Ruzafa

medwireNews: Study results suggest that individuals with type 2 diabetes and elevated insulin resistance are at greater risk for heart failure (HF) or death than those with greater insulin sensitivity.

The study included 4344 participants from the UKPDS with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes and available insulin resistance (HOMA2-IR) measurements. During a median 16.4 years of follow-up, 45.4% experienced HF or death (235 HF events and 1739 deaths), which corresponded to an incidence rate of 29.6 per 1000 person–years for the composite outcome.

Rury Holman (University of Oxford, UK) and co-authors report that 48.8% of the 2245 individuals with HOMA2-IR values equal to or greater than 1.6 and 41.9% of the 2099 with lower HOMA2-IR values experienced the composite outcome, while a corresponding 6.5% and 4.3% experienced HF events.

These results corresponded to a relative risk of 1.05 for the composite of HF and death and 1.14 for HF alone after multivariable adjustment, “suggesting that a twofold increase in HOMA2-IR is associated with risk increases of 5% and 14%, respectively,” they say.

Holman et al write in Diabetes Care: “HOMA2-IR measured at the time of the diagnosis of [type 2 diabetes] could be an important additional predictor of the future risk of HF and death in people with [type 2 diabetes]."

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Diabetes Care 2021; doi:10.2337/dc21-0429

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