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Diabetic foot ulcers

09-23-2022 | EASD 2022 | Conference coverage | News

Topical esmolol hydrochloride may aid healing of diabetic foot ulcers

The use of esmolol hydrochloride in adults with diabetic foot ulcer improves wound healing and may constitute a novel treatment option, suggests research reported at the 58th EASD Annual Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden.

05-23-2022 | Diabetic foot ulcers | News

Diabetic foot ulcer amputation, death rates highest among rural Black people

The risk for major leg amputation or death after hospitalization for diabetic foot ulcers is elevated in Black people and those living in rural areas, with a 10.4% absolute increase among patients with both risk factors compared with the national rate, US researchers have found.

03-07-2022 | Diabetic foot ulcers | News

Socioeconomic deprivation tied to amputation risk in people with diabetic foot ulcers

People with diabetic foot ulcers who live in areas with a high level of deprivation may be more likely to require major amputation than those living in less deprived areas, suggest findings from a French cohort study.

02-21-2022 | Diabetic foot ulcers | News

Custom-made indoor footwear may be beneficial for people with diabetes at risk for ulceration

Providing additional shoes designed for wearing indoors may improve use of custom-made footwear among people with diabetes at high risk for foot ulceration, research suggests.

01-14-2022 | Diabetic foot ulcers | News

Intensive glycemic control may prevent diabetic foot ulcers

Early intensive glycemic control may reduce the long-term risk for foot ulcers in people with type 1 diabetes, suggest data from the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial and Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions and Complications study.

12-09-2021 | Diabetic foot ulcers | News

Foot ulceration associated with increased risk for amputation or death

Study results suggest that among people with diabetes, those with a history of foot ulceration are more likely to undergo amputation or die than those without.

04-09-2020 | Diabetic foot ulcers | News

Negative pressure wound therapy not superior to standard care for chronic diabetic foot ulcers

Negative pressure wound therapy does not improve the closure of chronic diabetic foot wounds compared with current standard treatment in German real-life clinical practice, multicenter trial findings suggest.

10-22-2019 | Diabetic foot ulcers | News

Topical, at-home oxygen therapy aids diabetic foot ulcer healing

Home use of cyclical pressurized topical wound oxygen therapy in addition to standard care increases the likelihood of diabetic foot ulcers completely healing more than fourfold, a sham-controlled trial indicates.