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GLP-1 receptor agonists

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29-06-2021 | ADA 2021 | Conference coverage | News

AMPLITUDE-O: Efpeglenatide offers cardiorenal protection in type 2 diabetes

Efpeglenatide provides significant cardiovascular and renal protection in people with type 2 diabetes at high risk for cardiorenal events, show the findings of the AMPLITUDE-O trial.

26-06-2021 | ADA 2021 | Conference coverage | News

Tirzepatide has efficacy edge over semaglutide in SURPASS-2

People with type 2 diabetes on metformin monotherapy have greater glycemic control improvement and weight reduction with tirzepatide than semaglutide, report the SURPASS-2 investigators.

23-06-2021 | Complications | News

Dulaglutide may reduce some erectile dysfunction in type 2 diabetes

Long-term dulaglutide use may reduce the incidence of moderate or severe erectile dysfunction in men with type 2 diabetes, particularly those with underlying cardiovascular disease, shows an exploratory analysis of REWIND data.

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