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14-06-2022 | Pathogenesis | News

People with ‘low BMI diabetes’ have a unique metabolic profile

Researchers have characterized an atypical form of diabetes in Indian men with low BMI, which has a unique metabolic profile setting it apart from type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

24-05-2022 | Bone health | News

Poor glycemic control, kidney disease linked to bone fragility in type 1 diabetes

Higher glycated hemoglobin and the presence of kidney disease are associated with lower bone mineral density in people with type 1 diabetes, study results show.

20-05-2022 | Hyperglycemia | View from the clinic | Article

Managing hyperglycemia in the face of a high-carbohydrate diet

Sanjay Kalra considers the course of action when blood glucose remains high in someone who cannot, or will not, modify a high-carbohydrate diet.

Corticosteroid treatment and the consequences for glucose control

How should clinicians handle hyperglycemia arising from glucocorticoid treatment?

Featured contributor

Simon Heller is Professor of Clinical Diabetes at the University of Sheffield, Director of Research and Development and Honorary Consultant Physician at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust, UK. 

In this featured article, Prof. Heller explains why time-in-range targets are so helpful for people with diabetes… yet handing out continuous glucose monitoring devices willy-nilly could do more harm than good.

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