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Fasting for religion and health in people with diabetes

Hot topic review

Fasting and people with diabetes

Read this Hot Topic Review to catch up on the latest research into the risks and benefits of fasting for people with diabetes.

Addressing the challenges of Ramadan for people with diabetes

Sanjay Kalra explains why it is so important for healthcare professionals anywhere in the world to understand about Ramadan and the ramifications for people with diabetes (2:55).

Ramadan and type 1 diabetes: Supporting religious fasting

Simon Heller from the UK talks to Shehla Shaikh from India to learn from her wealth of experience in supporting people with type 1 diabetes to fast during Ramadan (22:14).

Ramadan fasting, feasts, and type 2 diabetes

Shehla Shaikh shares her experience and offers practical advice to help people with type 2 diabetes safely navigate the fasting and feasting of Ramadan (18:27).

Diabetes care during Hajj

Religious activities such as the Hajj pilgrimage have a major impact on patients with diabetes; this article published in Diabetes Therapy explores why.

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