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Latest contributions from Sanjay Kalra

Latest contributions from Sanjay Kalra

Sanjay Kalra

20-05-2022 | Hyperglycemia | View from the clinic | Article

Managing hyperglycemia in the face of a high-carbohydrate diet

Sanjay Kalra considers the course of action when blood glucose remains high in someone who cannot, or will not, modify a high-carbohydrate diet.

Sanjay Kalra

11-04-2022 | Type 1 diabetes | View from the clinic | Article

Addressing the challenges of Ramadan for people with diabetes

Sanjay Kalra explains why it is so important for healthcare professionals anywhere in the world to understand about Ramadan and the ramifications for people with diabetes.

Sanjay Kalra

17-12-2021 | Type 1 diabetes | Conference report | Article

Conference report: ESICON 2021

Sanjay Kalra reports back from the Golden Jubilee Annual Conference of the Endocrine Society of India.

Sanjay Kalra

26-10-2021 | Type 2 diabetes | Conference report | Article

Conference report: SAFES summit 2021

Sanjay Kalra reports back from the 2021 South Asian Federation of Endocrine Societies summit.

Sanjay Kalra

13-10-2021 | Hypoglycemia | View from the clinic | Article

Endemic hypoglycemia

In the final article in this series, Sanjay Kalra highlights region-specific causes of hypoglycemia requiring a tailored management approach.

Sanjay Kalra

21-09-2021 | Hypoglycemia | View from the clinic | Article

Hypoglycemia in people taking alpha-glucosidase inhibitors

Sanjay Kalra explains how use of alpha-glucosidase inhibitors in people with type 2 diabetes can complicate the treatment of hypoglycemia.

Sanjay Kalra

21-09-2021 | Hypoglycemia | View from the clinic | Article

Reactive hypoglycemia

In the second article of this series, Sanjay Kalra describes the issue of reactive hypoglycemia and how to best manage it.

Sanjay Kalra, Lori Berard, John Wilding

07-10-2020 | EASD 2020 | Conference coverage | Article

EASD 2020: Editorial Board conference highlights

Listen to Sanjay Kalra, John Wilding and Lori Berard reflecting on their research highlights of this year’s virtual 56th EASD Annual Meeting (39:05).

ADA highlights 4by3

24-06-2020 | ADA 2020 | Conference coverage | Article

ADA 2020 goes virtual! Editorial Board conference highlights

Listen to our Editorial Board reflecting on their ADA scientific highlights, and its novel virtual format (34:17).

Glycemic happiness: Is there more to ‘good’ glucose control?

25-03-2020 | Mental health | View from the clinic | Article

Glycemic happiness: Is there more to ‘good’ glucose control?

What is glycemic happiness and what are its benefits for diabetes practitioners and patients? Diabetologist Sanjay Kalra shares his view from the clinic.

New Year transition

03-03-2020 | Guidelines | Editorial | Article

Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes: A 2020 Update from the American Diabetes Association

Sanjay Kalra, Diabetologist and Editorial Board member, outlines what's new in the American Diabetes Association’s 2020 Standards of Care update. 

Mother helps son check blood sugar

29-10-2019 | Diabetes prevention | Editorial | Article

The family and diabetes care: A multifaceted relationship

Before attention turns to World Diabetes Day 2019, Sanjay Kalra revisits 2018’s theme to evaluate the concerns and opportunities presented by “The Family and Diabetes”.

Cardiorenal syndromes and SGLT2 inhibitor usage

06-08-2019 | SGLT2 inhibitors | Editorial | Article

Cardiorenal syndromes and SGLT2 inhibitor usage

Sanjay Kalra explores the intrinsic link between the cardiovascular and renal systems, focusing on whether the SGLT2 inhibitor class has a role to play in diabetic patients with cardiorenal comorbidity.

Sulfonylurea pill

22-05-2019 | Sulfonylureas | Editorial | Article

The CAROLINA trial: Make or break for sulfonylureas?

Diabetologist Sanjay Kalra puts the CAROLINA trial into historical context and considers the present-day implications for the use of DPP-4 inhibitors and sulfonylureas.


05-12-2018 | Diabetes distress | Editorial | Article

Diabetes distress: What’s in a name?

Sanjay Kalra and Psychiatrist Yatan Pal Singh Balhara question whether “diabetes distress” is well understood outside of the diabetes field and consider whether alternative terminology may help to bridge the knowledge gap.

Medication arranged in a heart shape

14-11-2018 | Cardiovascular outcomes | Editorial | Article

What have I learned from cardiovascular outcome trials?

Endocrinologist Sanjay Kalra considers the impact that cardiovascular outcome trials have had on the standard of diabetes care and questions what else they might accomplish in the future.

12-09-2018 | Diet | Commentary | Article

Diet–drug interactions: Why two rights can make a wrong

Editorial Board member and Endocrinologist, Sanjay Kalra comments on the issues raised by a clinical case involving sodium glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitor therapy alongside a restrictive diet.

Stethoscope and map

30-05-2018 | Insulin | Editorial | Article

Hit early, hit hard: The EADSG insulin guidelines

Sanjay Kalra and Silver Bahendeka, East Africa Diabetes Study Group Chair, provide an overview of the latest insulin guidance developed to aid management in a challenging region, facing familiar struggles.

Digital diabetology

16-05-2018 | Devices and technology | Editorial | Article

Digital diabetology

Editorial Board member Sanjay Kalra presents his view on the march toward greater integration of digital health technologies and how traditional approaches to diabetes management are already changing.

Doctor showing compassion (symbolic image with models)

21-02-2018 | Primary care | Editorial | Article

Compassion fatigue in diabetes care professionals

Awareness and education about compassion fatigue can help to limit its incidence and severity. Sanjay Kalra outlines strategies to identify and manage the emotional exhaustion that often affects diabetes caregivers.