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01-06-2017 | Diabetic foot | Review | Article

Promoting Limb Salvage through Multi-Disciplinary Care of the Diabetic Patient

Current Treatment Options in Cardiovascular Medicine

Authors: DPM Nichol L. Salvo, MD, FACS Mark D. Walsh, MD, PhD, RVT, FACS, FAHA Luke P. Brewster

Publisher: Springer US


Despite an explosion in the number of options available for helping diabetic patients heal wounds, major amputation remains a critical issue for these persons. Since diabetes prematurely ages tissues and no organ system is immune to its presence, it makes inherent sense that multi-disciplinary team approaches to these patients is necessary to make significant strides forward. Here, we present literature from the fields of podiatric surgery/medicine, vascular and plastic surgery and introduce the successes that a multi-disciplinary limb salvage center can have on the lives and limbs of patients with diabetes.

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