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View from the clinic

Practitioner-authored vignettes that provide new insights and reflections on clinical practice and diabetes patient care.

Glycemic happiness: Is there more to ‘good’ glucose control?

Glycemic happiness: Is there more to ‘good’ glucose control?

What is glycemic happiness and what are its benefits for diabetes practitioners and patients? Diabetologist Sanjay Kalra shares his view from the clinic.

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09-26-2018 | Insulin | View from the clinic | Collection

Four steps I take when starting patients on insulin

Editorial Board member Jay Shubrook succinctly delivers his strategies for initiating insulin therapy for the first time in patients with type 2 diabetes.

09-18-2018 | Sexual dysfunction | View from the clinic | Article

Regaining sexual health in diabetes: Start with open communication

Advisory Board member Clipper Young recounts an experience of starting a patient with erectile dysfunction on the path to appropriate treatment for him and his diabetes.

07-04-2018 | Transitions of care | View from the clinic | Collection

Best communication practices for subspecialty referrals

Jay Shubrook draws on his experiences as a primary care physician and diabetes specialist to provide simple tips to help each profession optimize the patient referral process.

07-04-2018 | Primary care | View from the clinic | Collection

Five things you can do to make your diabetes visits more efficient

Diabetes check-ups can be multifaceted and time-consuming. Editorial Board member and Family Physician, Jay Shubrook, presents his practical recommendations for making the most of your patient visits.

03-28-2018 | Devices and technology | View from the clinic | Article

Managing patient expectations for glucose management via a device

As the utility and availability of devices surges, so too do patient expectations. Advisory Board member Katharine Barnard provides key consultation questions to help determine your patients’ greatest needs and obstacles.

02-06-2018 | Insulin | View from the clinic | Article

When you need to have a conversation with your patient about starting insulin...

Clinical Pharmacist and Diabetes Educator, Clipper Young provides his advice on supporting patients through the oftentimes difficult consultation about intensifying their diabetes therapy.

09-06-2017 | Healthcare costs | View from the clinic | Article

The rising cost of medication: Groceries or insulin?

Advisory Board member and Family Physician, Allison Petznick, highlights the impact of rising medication costs on one of her patients, and provides practical suggestions for US physicians to help those struggling to manage the everyday costs of type 2 diabetes.

06-25-2017 | Hyperglycemia | View from the clinic | Article

What to do when your patient takes a diabetes holiday

Jay Shubrook reflects on a case concerning a patient who came into his clinic after taking a 'diabetes holiday' and discusses some of the practical ways in which you might prevent such holidays in your patients.

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