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04-11-2022 | Type 2 diabetes | Ask the expert | Article

Ramadan fasting, feasts, and type 2 diabetes


Speaker: Shehla Shaikh

Shehla Shaikh shares her experience and offers practical advice to help people with type 2 diabetes safely navigate the fasting and feasting of Ramadan (18:27).

0:00 Introduction
1:34 Complications: preparation and risk stratification
4:43 Moral authority and shared decision-making
7:37 Leveraging family and social media for support and education
9:26 Coping with Ramadan feasts
14.05 Managing medications

Click here to access guidelines, nutrition advice, and other educational resources from the Diabetes & Ramadan Alliance.

About the contributor

Shehla Shaikh

Dr Shehla Shaikh is  a Consultant Endocrinologist at Saifee Hospital and Prince Aly Khan Hospital in Mumbai, India.

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