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12-19-2017 | Pregnancy | Case report | Article

Successful glycemic control using a flash glucose monitoring system for a pregnant woman with diabetes: a case report

Journal of Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders

Authors: Miyako Kishimoto, Saori Tamada, Yoko Oshiba

Publisher: BioMed Central



Glucose control for pregnant women with glucose intolerance is important, as hyperglycemia may adversely affect the mother and the fetus.

Case presentation

We report the case of a pregnant Japanese woman who experienced gestational diabetes mellitus during her first pregnancy and developed impaired glucose tolerance after the delivery. During her second pregnancy with twins, she required up to 75 units of injected insulin to control her postprandial hyperglycemia and occasionally experienced hypoglycemia. We used a newly developed flash glucose monitoring system, which allowed her to successfully achieve ideal glycemic control and experience an uncomplicated delivery.


We suggest that this flash glucose monitoring system may be clinically effective for similar cases that involve pregnant women with abnormal glucose tolerance.

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