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06-23-2017 | Pregnancy | Review | Article

Metabolomics of Diabetes in Pregnancy

Current Diabetes Reports

Authors: Carolyn F. McCabe, Wei Perng

Publisher: Springer US


Purpose of review

The purpose of this review is to describe ways in which metabolomics may enhance understanding of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) etiology and refine current diagnostic criteria.

Recent findings

Current clinical recommendations suggest screening for GDM between 24 and 28 of gestational weeks using an oral glucose tolerance test. Despite this consensus, there are discrepancies regarding the exact criteria for GDM diagnosis. Further, emerging evidence has unveiled heterogeneous physiological pathways underlying GDM—specifically, GDM with defective insulin secretion vs. sensitivity—that have important implications for disease diagnosis and management.


The objectives of this review are threefold. First, we seek to provide a brief summary of current knowledge regarding GDM pathophysiology. Next, we describe the potential role of metabolomics to refine and improve the prediction, screening, and diagnosis of GDM. Finally, we propose ways in which metabolomics may eventually impact clinical care and risk assessment for GDM and its comorbidities.