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12-01-2016 | Metabolic surgery | Book chapter | Article

7. Evidence Base for Bariatric Surgery

Authors: MD Luca Leuratti, DPhil(Oxon), FRCS Haris A. Khwaja, MD(Hons), FRCS, FRCSEd, MBChB David D. Kerrigan

Publisher: Springer International Publishing


Bariatric surgery is recognized worldwide as a cost-effective treatment for morbidly obese patients. In recent years, the role of these procedures has been revised following the impressive postoperative outcomes from a metabolic and functional viewpoint. These outcomes have given rise to further possible indications for bariatric procedures that could be applied to non-obese patients in the near future. This chapter summarizes the evidence collected following bariatric procedures, both in terms of weight loss and remission of co-morbidities. We still need to clarify the concepts of “ideal weight” and “success” in bariatric surgery and moreover the exact interaction between gut hormones, pancreatic endocrine function and adipose cell signaling needs further investigations to predict a possible outcome or a possible relapse of a metabolic condition.

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