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02-21-2018 | Medication adherence | Article

The influence of pharmacist-led adherence support on glycaemic control in people with type 2 diabetes

International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy

Authors: Mangesh Kharjul, Rhiannon Braund, James Green

Publisher: Springer International Publishing


Background Adherence to treatment is important to achieve target outcomes, particularly for those with type 2 diabetes. Pharmacists are well placed to enhance adherence, however evidence of the impact on clinical outcomes is not well known. Objective To determine the impact of an adherence support service on adherence scores and subsequent clinical biomarkers (HbA1c). Setting Community pharmacies providing a Medicines Use Review (MUR) Service in a New Zealand locality. Methods Records of patients receiving MURs between 2007 and 2012 were obtained from a single locality. Data extraction included: individual characteristics, the adherence score assigned at every consultation, pathology records. Patients receiving oral hypoglycaemic medications (n = 86) were included in the final analysis using generalised estimating equations to explore change in HbA1c over time, and whether this was related to the adherence score. Main Outcome Measures (a) change in adherence scores and (b) association between adherence sores and HbA1c. Results A total of 350 records were obtained, of those, 115 of 350 people had follow up MUR visit/s and could be analysed for changes in adherence. Most people (110/115) showed sustained or improved adherence scores with follow up visits. For those receiving oral hypoglycaemic medications (n = 86); where poor adherence scores were recorded, their HbA1c levels were higher and continued to increase by ~ 0.1% (1 mmol/mol) every 10 weeks, B = 0.11, p = 0.009. Conversely, those with high adherence scores showed an overall decrease in HbA1c levels. Conclusion MURs may positively influence medication adherence. This improved adherence shows a measurable decline in HbA1c levels.

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