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Medication adherence


02-20-2020 | Mobile technology | News

Mobile access to online self-management tools may improve diabetes care

People with diabetes who access an online self-management portal through mobile devices have better medication adherence and glycemic control than those with computer-only or no access to the portal, researchers report.

10-11-2019 | Medication adherence | News

Removing cost barriers not complete answer for medication adherence

Offering free medications to patients who struggle to afford them improves adherence, but with mixed effects on surrogate disease outcomes, report the CLEAN Meds researchers.

09-13-2019 | Medication adherence | News

Prescription records best clinical indicator of future diabetes medication adherence

Adherence to first-line diabetes medication, ascertained from prescription records, is the only routine clinical variable that is a strong indicator of people’s adherence to second-line treatment, say researchers.

03-15-2019 | Medication adherence | News

Targeted insulin-adherence intervention may improve glycemic control

Targeting specific populations of individuals with type 2 diabetes for intensive interventions to optimize their insulin use may result in better glycemic control than an untargeted approach, findings from the TARGIT-Diabetes trial suggest.

10-05-2018 | Insulin | EASD 2018 | News

‘Alarming’ rates of insulin discontinuation in developing countries

A substantial proportion of diabetes patients living in resource-poor settings intermittently discontinue insulin for a variety of different reasons, IDMPS study results suggest.

08-08-2018 | Medication adherence | News

Early diabetes medication nonadherence has grave outcomes

Patients who are not diligent about taking their antidiabetic medications during the first year after type 2 diabetes diagnosis are at increased risk for cardiovascular events and death over the subsequent years, research shows.

06-24-2018 | Type 2 diabetes | ADA 2018 | News

‘Alarming’ number of patients stop type 2 diabetes treatment during year 1

Data presented at the ADA’s 78th Scientific Sessions in Orlando, Florida, show that almost 60% of patients with type 2 diabetes stop treatment within 12 months of being diagnosed.

09-22-2017 | Older adults | EASD 2017 | News

Optimizing outcomes: System and patient factors

An EASD session on optimizing patient outcomes included research into the effect of guideline adherence, predictors of changes in medication adherence, and overtreatment of older people with diabetes.

09-22-2017 | Medication adherence | EASD 2017 | News

Sliding scale for medication adherence and CVD protection

Adherence to lipid-lowering drugs is crucial for reducing cardiovascular disease risk among patients with type 2 diabetes, but taking only some of the prescribed medication is better than none at all, study results suggest.

08-11-2017 | Diabetes self-management | News

Online game boosts glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes

An online game delivering diabetes self-management education helps improve glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes, study results suggest.