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Mary de Groot

Mary de Groot, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Medicine and acting director of the Diabetes Translational Research Center at Indiana University. She received her Masters of education from the Harvard University Graduate School of education in 1989 and her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Rhode Island in 1999. Dr. de Groot is a clinical health psychologist whose research focuses on examining the mechanisms that link diabetes and depression as well as the development of accessible interventions to treat depression among adults and socioeconomically and culturally diverse populations with diabetes. Dr. de Groot has contributed more than 100 articles and presentations on the psychosocial aspects of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Latest contributions from Mary de Groot

07-08-2019 | Psychosocial care | Interview | Article

The ADA psychosocial position statement

On behalf of the writing committee, Deborah Young-Hyman and Mary de Groot explain the thinking behind the position statement, the barriers to its implementation, and what remains to be explored (26:12).

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