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Katharine Barnard-Kelly

Katharine Barnard-Kelly, PhD CPsychol AFBPsS, specializes in the psychosocial impact and management of diabetes. She has a longstanding research interest in the psychosocial issues associated with diabetes and its management. The effect of diabetes, both medically and psychologically in terms of everyday coping, psychosocial impact, functional health status and psychological burden, is a multifaceted and complex area and Professor Barnard's research to date has made significant advances in unravelling some of these complexities.

Professor Barnard-Kelly's currently leading on psychosocial aspects within several multi-center randomized controlled trials evaluating diabetes technologies. She is a recent Chair of the Diabetes UK Annual Professional Conference, Expert Adviser to NICE, Associate Lecturer at a number of UK universities and sits on the editorial boards of several journals and research advisory boards.

Latest contributions from Katharine Barnard-Kelly

05-03-2019 | Devices and technology | Editorial | Article

Exposure to diabetes technologies: Where now for adult services?

What does the proliferation of diabetes self-management and monitoring technologies in pediatric care mean for the future of adult services? Katharine Barnard looks at the situation in England and Wales.

02-21-2019 | Psychosocial care | ATTD 2019 | Article

Expert highlights: Psychology and patient-reported outcome symposia at ATTD

Kath Barnard talks about why is it important to feature psychologic research and patient-reported outcomes at a diabetes technology conference (1:44).

08-22-2018 | Psychosocial care | Editorial | Article

Shared decision-making in patient-centered care

Is the medical model of care failing diabetes patients in its current form? Advisory Board member Katharine Barnard considers this, and the future of clinical decision support.

07-24-2018 | Devices and technology | Editorial | Article

The right device at the right time: Optimizing the benefit

Advisory Board member Katharine Barnard scrutinizes the opinion that clinicians should be relying on glycemic outcomes when weighing the decision to prescribe a diabetes device.

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