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10-23-2017 | Insulin | Article

Timing of Insulin Injections, Adherence, and Glycemic Control in a Multinational Sample of People with Type 2 Diabetes: A Cross-Sectional Analysis

Diabetes Therapy

Authors: Nicolaas C. Schaper, Annie Nikolajsen, Anna Sandberg, Sarah Buchs, Mette Bøgelund

Publisher: Springer Healthcare



We investigated the association of bolus insulin dose timing with demographics, adherence, diabetes education program participation, experience with hypoglycemic events, glycemic control, and patient preference among respondents with type 2 diabetes.


Adults with type 2 diabetes from 12 countries were recruited to a Web-based self-reported patient preference survey. Adherence was measured using an adapted Morisky Medication Adherence Scale questionnaire.


In total 1483 respondents reported using bolus insulin with 58% (n = 864) dosing bolus insulin before meals (pre-meal cohort), 354 (24%) during or after meals (post-meal cohort), and 265 (18%) before, during, or after meals (mixed cohort). The mixed cohort was excluded, thus 1218 respondents were included in the analysis. Respondent distribution across HbA1c category differed significantly depending on insulin dose timing (p = 0.0006); more respondents in the post-meal cohort (40%) had HbA1c ≥ 9% (74.9 mmol/mol) than in the pre-meal cohort (29%). The post-meal cohort was significantly more likely to report non-adherence than the pre-meal cohort (OR = 1.50, p = 0.01) and significantly more often reported participating in diabetes education programs (p < 0.05). Seventy-eight percent of all respondents reported preferring bolus insulin administrable whenever convenient.


Approximately 24% of respondents never comply with guidelines for insulin dose timing, with higher risk of non-adherence and increased participation in diabetes care programs. Respondents dosing insulin post-meal are more likely to have poor glycemic control (HbA1c ≥ 9%, 74.9 mmol/mol). Given that many respondents had high HbA1c and were non-adherent, a treatment which satisfies patient preference for bolus insulin with flexible dose timing could be considered.


Novo Nordisk.

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