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02-14-2019 | Inpatient diabetes | Video | Article

Surgical procedures and radiological investigations in patients using diabetes devices

Speakers: Pratik Choudhary, Lori Berard

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Diabetologist Pratik Choudhary and Nurse Consultant Lori Berard discuss the considerations around the use of diabetes self-management technologies within the hospital setting. In this video Pratik and Lori look at admissions for preplanned surgical procedures and radiological investigations (11:41).

Learning points

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning protocols, for external and internal continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensors; what types of devices are affected.
  • Current consensus around the use CGM sensors falling within the field of a computed tomography scan.
  • MRI and computed tomography (CT) scanning protocols for insulin pumps.
  • Cautionary notes around the interaction between CT scanners and diabetes devices.
  • Cautionary notes around use of CGM sensors in patients undergoing surgical procedures that involve diathermy.
  • Suggested protocols for surgical procedures (lasting 2–3 h). 
  • Key messages to communicate to patients using a device before they are sent for the procedure or investigation.

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