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02-14-2019 | Inpatient diabetes | Video | Article

Surgical procedures and radiological investigations in patients using diabetes devices

Speakers: Pratik Choudhary, Lori Berard

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Diabetologist Pratik Choudhary and Nurse Consultant Lori Berard discuss the considerations around the use of diabetes self-management technologies within the hospital setting. In this video Pratik and Lori look at admissions for preplanned surgical procedures and radiological investigations (11:41).

Learning points include:

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning protocols, for external and internal continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensors; what types of devices are affected.
  • Current consensus around the use CGM sensors falling within the field of a computed tomography scan.
  • MRI and computed tomography (CT) scanning protocols for insulin pumps.
  • Cautionary notes around the interaction between CT scanners and diabetes devices.
  • Cautionary notes around use of CGM sensors in patients undergoing surgical procedures that involve diathermy.
  • Suggested protocols for surgical procedures (lasting 2–3 h). 
  • Key messages to communicate to patients using a device before they are sent for the procedure or investigation.

More videos in this series:

  1. Hospitalized patients that use continuous glucose monitoring devices and insulin dosing apps.
  2. Hospitalized patients using insulin pumps.
  3. Emergency admissions for patients using diabetes devices.
  4. Hospital admissions for surgery or radiology in patients using diabetes devices.
  5. Diabetes device use in women admitted to the maternity ward.

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