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02-08-2018 | Hypoglycemia | Review | Article

Hypoglycaemia in type 1 diabetes: technological treatments, their limitations and the place of psychology


Authors: Pratik Choudhary, Stephanie A. Amiel

Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg


Advances in technology allowing improved insulin delivery and glucose monitoring can significantly reduce the burden of hypoglycaemia when used appropriately. However, limitations of the current technology, and the skills, commitment and motivation required to use them, mean that it does not work for all people. Education and informed professional support are key to success. In the context of problematic hypoglycaemia, data suggest that newer technology has lower efficacy and uptake in those with most need. Identifying the causes of hypoglycaemia and understanding some of the underlying behavioural drivers may prove useful and psycho-educational strategies may be effective in selected individuals. Ultimately, as in many spheres of medicine, successful management of problematic hypoglycaemia depends upon matching the right treatment to the right individual.

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