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Devices and technology: Flash glucose monitoring


05-14-2020 | COVID-19 | News

Glycemic control improved in type 1 diabetes under Italian lockdown

Italian researchers report that the slower pace of life forced on people with type 1 diabetes during lockdown amid the COVID-19 outbreak resulted in improved glycemic control.

02-18-2020 | Flash glucose monitoring | News

Flash glucose monitor performs adequately throughout its lifetime

Study results suggest that the accuracy of the FreeStyle Libre 14-day flash glucose monitoring system is adequate for patients with type 1 diabetes during its entire lifetime, although it tends to be less so during the beginning and end of its use.

02-12-2020 | Flash glucose monitoring | News

Flash monitoring confirms safety cushion of preserved C-peptide

Even minimal residual C-peptide secretion protects people with type 1 diabetes from hypoglycemic events, and reduces glycemic variability, show data from flash glucose monitoring.

01-10-2020 | Flash glucose monitoring | News

Long-term flash monitoring use may reduce work absences

People with type 1 diabetes remain broadly satisfied with flash glucose monitoring in the long term and its use may reduce acute diabetes complications and work absences, real-world data suggest.

12-20-2019 | Flash glucose monitoring | News

Healthcare professional flash monitoring feasible, but benefits unclear

Giving people with type 2 diabetes “wear-and-forget” masked flash glucose monitoring to allow their healthcare providers access to detailed glucose profiles is feasible in primary care, but it is not clear how beneficial this is, show the results of the GP-OSMOTIC trial.

04-08-2019 | Flash glucose monitoring | News

Real-world benefits of flash glucose monitoring confirmed in high-risk cases

Flash glucose monitoring significantly reduces time in hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia in people with diabetes at high risk for either outcome, with the benefit sustained for at least 6 months, real-world study data show.

03-13-2019 | Canagliflozin | DUKPC 2019 | News

ABCD audit data reveal improved glycemic control with use of FreeStyle Libre, canagliflozin

Analyses of real-world audit data show positive initial results for the flash glucose monitoring system FreeStyle Libre and the sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitor canagliflozin.

02-28-2019 | Hypoglycemia | ATTD 2019 | News

Rechecking flash glucose monitor within the hour halves risk for prolonged hypoglycemia

Research shows that if people with diabetes recheck their glucose levels within 1 hour after receiving a low blood glucose alert from their flash glucose monitor it substantially reduces their risk for experiencing a long period of hypoglycemia.

02-16-2018 | Flash glucose monitoring | News

Hypoglycemia improvements seen with flash to CGM switch

Further findings from the pilot I-HART randomized trial suggest that switching from flash to continuous glucose monitoring reduces the time patients with type 1 diabetes spend in hypoglycemia

02-16-2018 | Flash glucose monitoring | News

Flash monitoring benefits backed up by real-world data

Flash glucose monitoring confers similar benefits for diabetes patients in the real world as for those using it in clinical trials, research shows.

02-06-2018 | Flash glucose monitoring | News

Care needed with flash glucose monitor placement

Not all sites on the body are equal when it comes to the placement of the FreeStyle® Libre™ flash glucose monitor on patients with type 1 diabetes, say researchers.

12-19-2017 | Hypoglycemia | News

CGM may be better than flash for impaired hypoglycemia awareness

A pilot randomized study suggests that continuous glucose monitoring may be better than flash monitoring for reducing hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetes patients with impaired awareness.

12-14-2017 | Hypoglycemia | News

Automatic insulin pump suspension reduces hypoglycemia in adolescents with diabetes

Children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes using a predictive low-glucose management system have less hypoglycemia and fewer hypoglycemic events than those managed using sensor-augmented pump therapy alone, according to a 6-month trial.

09-25-2017 | Flash glucose monitoring | Updates | News

Flash glucose monitoring system available on the NHS

The flash glucose monitoring system FreeStyle Libre has received approval to be listed on the NHS Drug Tariff for the management of diabetes from 1st November 2017.

09-15-2016 | Flash glucose monitoring | News | Article

‘Flash’ glucose sensor reduces glucose variability in Type 1 diabetes

“Flash” glucose monitoring reduces the time adults with Type 1 diabetes spend in a hypoglycaemic state by about a third, research shows.

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