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03-10-2020 | Psychosocial care | Podcast | Article

William Polonsky on disengagement with diabetes

In this series of podcasts we are marking the 25th anniversary of the EASD’s Psychosocial Aspects of Diabetes study group by taking a look at some of the most important and emerging topics within this field.

We welcome back Professor William Polonsky, from the University of California at San Diego, USA. This time he is addressing disengagement with diabetes – the scale of the problem, why it is so critical yet good data remain so elusive, and what healthcare providers can do to encourage people with diabetes to engage with their disease management.

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About the expert

William Polonsky

William Polonsky, PhD, CDE, is President and Founder of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute, the world's first organization wholly dedicated to studying and addressing the unmet psychological needs of people with diabetes.

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Why psychosocial care matters

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