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01-10-2020 | Psychosocial care | Podcast | Article

Kirsty Winkley on optimal medication taking in diabetes

In this series of podcasts we are marking the 25th anniversary of the EASD’s Psychosocial Aspects of Diabetes study group by taking a look at some of the most important and emerging topics within this field.

For this episode, we are joined by Dr Kirsty Winkley, diabetes nurse and health psychologist from King’s College London, UK, to discuss why people with diabetes can find it so challenging to take medications optimally and consistently, and what healthcare providers can do to help.

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About the expert

Kirsty Winkley

Dr Kirsty Winkley is a diabetes nurse and health psychologist based at King’s College London where she is Reader in Diabetes & Primary Care. 

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Why psychosocial care matters

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