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31-01-2018 | Older adults | Ask the expert | Video

Individualization of diabetes treatment: Considerations for frail, elderly patients with heart failure

Speakers: Jay Shubrook, David Strain

Editorial Board member Jay Shubrook talks to treatment individualization specialist David Strain about the treatment challenges presented by older adults, and the implications for tailoring hypertension therapy in this diverse population (11:40).

Learning points include:

  • The ways in which older adults are physiologically distinct from other populations and considerations for appropriate care based on anticipated lifestyle.
  • Expectations for systolic and diastolic blood pressure changes in older adults as well as the impacts they have on cardiovascular health.
  • The importance of specific measures including: pulse pressure, arterial compliance.
  • Risk factors associated with low diastolic blood pressure (<75mmHg) and prospective antihypertensive treatment strategies that may mitigate such risks.


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