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Nicola Milne

Nicola is a Primary Care Diabetes Specialist Nurse, working across primary care networks (PCNs) and within the wider community to give support and education to all health care professionals (HCPs) in the delivery of optimal and holistic care to adults living with type 2 diabetes.

Valuing engagement and the sharing of good practice, Nicola has presented poster abstracts at PCDS, Diabetes UK and EASD conferences and regularly delivered educational presentations at local and national diabetes conferences.  Nicola has become increasingly involved in educational activities supporting community HCPs and has published multiple articles on her work to include co-authoring recent national guidelines on best practice delivery of diabetes care within the PCNs.

Nicola was Chair of the Diabetes UK Professional Conference Organising Committee for Liverpool 2019, and is currently a Committee Member of the PCDS, a faculty member of the At the 4-Front Diabetes Nurse Leaders Academy, an Editorial Board member of Diabetes & Primary Care and the Journal of Diabetes Nursing and was a member of the NICE Guidelines Diabetes Suite Committee until July 2021.

Nicola is also a Diabetes UK Clinical Champion and a Queen’s Nurse.


Latest contributions from Nicola Milne

Nicola Milne

12-09-2022 | GLP-1 agonists | Ask the expert | Article

Initiating GLP-1 receptor agonists: Managing side effects

Specialist nurse Nicola Milne discusses the side effects that can arise in people with type 2 diabetes during initiation of GLP-1 receptor agonists, and how to best manage them.