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21-08-2019 | Diet | Video | Article

Are these popular diets safe for your patients with type 2 diabetes?


Speakers: Liz Morris, Pam Dyson

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Learning points

  • The rationale for recommending diets on the basis of randomized control trial evidence
  • Popular diets types that are, as yet, unproven in randomized control trials
    • Food exclusion/food restriction diets (eg, cabbage soup diet)
    • Pseudo-scientific diets (eg, alkaline diet)
    • Aspirational diets (eg, South Beach diet)
    • Nutritional supplements (eg, raspberry ketones).

Type 2 diabetes is routinely managed in primary care settings. Despite this, medical training on safe, effective dietary interventions is often outdated or suboptimal, with reports suggesting that physicians and nurses lack the lack the necessary confidence and expertise to deliver dietary advice that can affect outcomes.

In this video series, Advisory Board members Pam Dyson (Research Dietitian) and Liz Morris (General Practitioner) address the most pressing questions for primary healthcare professionals, drawing from the latest evidence and recommendations on diet and nutrition for people with type 2 diabetes.

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