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07-04-2021 | Flash glucose monitoring | News

Real-world data support benefits of flash glucose monitoring

Flash glucose monitoring is associated with small but sustained improvements in glycemic control and a reduction in severe hypoglycemia relative to self-monitoring of blood glucose in type 1 diabetes, observational data show.

22-03-2021 | Hypoglycemia | News

Hypoglycemia treatment advice needs modifying for low-glucose suspend systems

The amount of carbohydrate needed to treat mild or moderate hypoglycemia in people with type 1 diabetes using a predictive low-glucose suspend system may be considerably lower than what is currently recommended, report researchers.

02-12-2020 | Insulin pumps | News

Real-world data support early insulin pump initiation in children

Starting children on an insulin pump within 6 months of type 1 diabetes diagnosis is associated with improved outcomes relative to delaying for 2 or 3 years, shows an analysis of data from the DPV registry.

Flash glucose monitoring technology

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