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08-02-2019 | Continuous glucose monitoring | Patient and physician’s perspective | Article

Use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring in People with Type 1 Diabetes: Perspectives of Two People with Diabetes and Physician Perspective

Diabetes Therapy

Authors: Isra Ahmed Mohamed, Anthony Fisher, Philippa Cooper, Sufyan Hussain

Publisher: Springer Healthcare


This article details perspectives from two individuals with type 1 diabetes (T1DM) who use continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices to improve their quality of life and self-management of diabetes. It provides a unique perspective of how CGM can make living with T1DM safer and easier, while improving the time spent in the target glucose range (time in range). The perspectives of these two individuals highlight both the immediate need for improved access and support for CGM as well as the need for an understanding of the benefits of using non-medically approved technologies.

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