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18-11-2022 | Dapagliflozin | News

Dapagliflozin HFpEF benefits independent of glucose levels

People who have heart failure with preserved ejection fraction benefit from dapagliflozin irrespective of whether they have normal or impaired glucose metabolism, shows further analysis of DELIVER.

02-09-2022 | Dapagliflozin | News

DELIVER results round-up: Frailty, AF, recent hospitalization, and more

A flurry of publications accompanying the primary findings of DELIVER shows dapagliflozin to benefit a wide range of people who have heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.

Clinician holding a clear tablet with a heart image - cardiovascular research concept

31-08-2022 | Heart failure | News

‘Strikingly consistent’ evidence for SGLT2 inhibitor benefits across the spectrum of heart failure

SGLT2 inhibitors reduce the risk for adverse outcomes in a broad range of patients with heart failure, suggest findings from a meta-analysis of five randomized placebo-controlled trials.

27-08-2022 | Dapagliflozin | News

Dapagliflozin DELIVERs improved HFpEF outcomes

Dapagliflozin significantly reduces the risk for worsening heart failure or cardiovascular death in people who have heart failure with preserved ejection fraction, show the results of the DELIVER trial.

25-04-2022 | Dapagliflozin | News

Frailest HF patients may stand to gain most from dapagliflozin

A post-hoc analysis of the DAPA-HF trial indicates that dapagliflozin is beneficial in people with heart failure and reduced ejection fraction regardless of frailty, but with the largest gains in the frailest individuals.

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04-04-2022 | Dapagliflozin | News

Phase 3 trial supports dapagliflozin in young people with type 2 diabetes

The first phase 3 trial of an SGLT2 inhibitor in children and young people with type 2 diabetes shows that dapagliflozin significantly improves their glucose control – as long as they remember to take it.

10-01-2022 | COVID-19 | News

COVID-19 vaccination may lead to temporary changes in glucose control

The proportion of on-target interstitial glucose values falls during the week following initial COVID-19 vaccination in people with type 1 diabetes, study findings indicate.

02-12-2021 | Dapagliflozin | News

Pooled analysis supports diabetes prevention effect of dapagliflozin

A pooled analysis of the DAPA-HF and DAPA-CKD trials suggests that taking the SGLT2 inhibitor dapagliflozin reduced the participants’ risk for developing type 2 diabetes by around a third.