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28-04-2022 | Nephropathy | News

Kidney function abnormalities linked to increased stroke risk in type 2 diabetes

Study findings published in BMC Medicine show that increasing albuminuria, decreasing estimated glomerular filtration rate, and worsening stages of chronic kidney disease are independently associated with increased risk for stroke in people with type 2 diabetes.

11-10-2021 | Stroke | News

One size does not fit all for glucose control after stroke

The optimal glycemic targets in people with diabetes who have had a stroke may vary according to the stroke subtype, a registry study suggests.

27-04-2021 | Mental health | News

Dementia added to list of early-onset diabetes dangers

Research published in JAMA suggests the risk for dementia increases with younger age at type 2 diabetes diagnosis, with the risk further increased in people who have a stroke.

08-04-2021 | Stroke | News

Genetic analysis backs causal link between blood glucose and stroke

A Mendelian analysis supports a causal effect of hyperglycemia on stroke risk, and the researchers also pinpoint the medications most likely to reduce this risk.

24-06-2020 | Heart failure | Highlight | News

Heart failure poses greatest CV mortality risk after type 2 diabetes diagnosis

Real-world study findings suggest that heart failure is associated with the greatest increase in mortality risk when compared with other cardiovascular and renal complications among people with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes.

09-01-2020 | Stroke | News

REWIND supports stroke protective effect for GLP-1 receptor agonists

An exploratory analysis of stroke outcomes in the REWIND trial indicates that dulaglutide may reduce the incidence but not severity of ischemic stroke in people with type 2 diabetes.

31-07-2019 | Stroke | News

Linear SBP link to stroke risk supports tighter targets in type 1 diabetes

A lower than currently recommended blood pressure target may be necessary to reduce the risk for stroke in people with type 1 diabetes, say researchers.

09-06-2019 | Type 2 diabetes | ADA 2019 | News

Short-term delays in diabetes onset confer long-term cardioprotective effects

Delaying diabetes onset by at least 6 years in people with impaired glucose tolerance significantly reduces their risk for cardiovascular disease and microvascular complications, show 30-year data from the Da Qing Diabetes Prevention Study.