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20-09-2023 | Latent autoimmune diabetes of adulthood | News

Latent autoimmune diabetes carries mortality and CVD risks comparable to type 2 diabetes

Latent autoimmune diabetes in adults is associated with similar risks for mortality and cardiovascular disease and an increased risk for retinopathy compared with type 2 diabetes.

17-01-2023 | Lifestyle interventions | News

Healthy lifestyle wards off type 2 diabetes microvascular complications

Real-world data from the UK Biobank show the value of a healthy lifestyle in people with type 2 diabetes hoping to avoid microvascular complications.

22-09-2022 | EASD 2022 | Conference coverage | News

Microalbuminuria in pregnancy forecasts adverse outcomes

Women with type 1 diabetes who have microalbuminuria at the time of pregnancy have an increased risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes in the short term and for diabetes complications in the long term, shows research.

09-09-2022 | COVID-19 | News

Microvascular complications linked to COVID-19 mortality risk in people with type 2 diabetes

Study findings suggest that the presence of microvascular complications is associated with increased risk for all-cause mortality in people with type 2 diabetes hospitalized for COVID-19.

14-07-2022 | Retinopathy | News

‘Step therapy’ compromise preserves good outcomes in diabetic macular edema

Starting people on bevacizumab and switching to aflibercept only when necessary keeps costs down without compromising treatment efficacy for people with diabetic macular edema, shows a randomized trial.

14-04-2022 | Prediabetes | News

Retinal microvascular damage evident before type 2 diabetes diagnosis

People with hypertension and prediabetes have significantly lower capillary density in the foveal retinal region, indicating microvascular damage, than those with hypertension but normal glucose metabolism, say researchers.

28-01-2022 | Retinopathy | News

Intravitreal faricimab shows potential for diabetic macular edema

The dual Ang-2 and VEGF-A pathway inhibitor faricimab is noninferior to aflibercept for improving visual acuity in people with diabetic macular edema, and an individualized dosing strategy could help reduce treatment burden, suggest findings from the YOSEMITE and RHINE trials.

Early pregancy exam

03-12-2021 | Pregnancy | News

Microvascular diabetes complications linked to adverse pregnancy outcomes

Among pregnant women with preexisting diabetes, those with nephropathy or retinopathy may be at increased risk for pregnancy complications, suggest findings from a systematic review and meta-analysis.