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25-06-2018 | Cardiovascular outcomes | ADA 2018 | News

VADT: Legacy effect fizzles out over time

The 15-year results of the VADT reveal that the legacy cardioprotective effect of intensive glycemic control seen at the 10-year follow-up has now disappeared.

24-06-2018 | Pathophysiology | ADA 2018 | News

TEDDY data highlight complexities of pediatric diabetes triggers

Researchers speaking at the ADA’s 78th Scientific Sessions in Orlando, Florida, USA, have presented data from The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young study that begin to shed light on genetic and environmental triggers of pediatric type 1 diabetes.

24-06-2018 | Pediatrics | ADA 2018 | News

Parents underestimate type 1 diabetes risk in children

Many parents underestimate their child’s risk for type 1 diabetes, and although accuracy improves following a positive autoantibody result, it subsequently declines with time, a survey of TEDDY participants shows.

26-06-2018 | Artificial pancreas systems | Highlight | News

Closed-loop delivery improves inpatient glucose control in type 2 diabetes

Fully closed-loop insulin delivery results in a markedly improved time in range among inpatients with type 2 diabetes receiving noncritical care, researchers have reported.

26-06-2018 | Pathophysiology | ADA 2018 | News

RISE: Early insulin does not slow beta cell decline in youth with type 2 diabetes

The RISE trial investigators have found that increased insulin resistance and hyperresponsive beta cells may explain the rapid progression of type 2 diabetes in children.

27-06-2018 | Type 2 diabetes | ADA 2018 | News

Significant metabolic benefits seen with dual receptor agonist MEDI0382

MEDI0382, a novel glucagon-like peptide-1 and glucagon receptor dual agonist, induces clinically meaningful improvements in glycemic control and bodyweight in patients with type 2 diabetes, show data published in The Lancet.

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11-07-2018 | Diabetes prevention | ADA 2018 | News

Pre-NDPP sessions could boost attendance

A pilot study suggests that patients may be more diligent attenders of the US National Diabetes Prevention Program if they first attend a pre-course session focused on the program’s goals and barriers to its attendance.

10-07-2018 | Artificial pancreas systems | ADA 2018 | News

OpenAPS user glycemic data reported

Patients with type 1 diabetes who move to a DIY closed-loop insulin delivery system have significant improvements in their glycemic control, shows an analysis of continuous glucose monitoring data.

03-07-2018 | Risk factors | ADA 2018 | News

Cultural assimilation may be cardioprotective in South Asian women

South Asian women who assimilate American culture following migration to the USA have a more favorable cardiometabolic risk profile than those who maintain a preference for South Asian culture, results of the MASALA study show.

02-07-2018 | Artificial pancreas systems | ADA 2018 | News

Real-world MiniMed data in line with trial findings

Patients using the MiniMed 670G hybrid closed-loop system in the real world achieve similar glycemic control to patients who used it in the pivotal clinical trial, researchers have reported.

28-06-2018 | Dapagliflozin | ADA 2018 | News

DEPICT-2 confirms dapagliflozin efficacy in type 1 diabetes

The DEPICT-2 findings confirm those of DEPICT-1, with dapagliflozin producing improved glycemic control and weight loss, and reduced insulin need, in patients with type 1 diabetes.

27-06-2018 | Sotagliflozin | ADA 2018 | News

SGLT2 inhibitor benefits in type 1 diabetes persist over longer term

The DEPICT-1 and inTandem1 investigators have released their 52-week findings, revealing persistent reductions in glycated hemoglobin with SGLT2 inhibition, but a slightly increased risk for diabetic ketoacidosis.

26-06-2018 | Insulin glargine | ADA 2018 | News

Gla-300 self-titration manageable in type 2 diabetes regardless of age

Insulin titration benefits individuals with type 2 diabetes regardless of age or whether it is self- or physician-managed, according to data presented at the ADA’s 78th Scientific Sessions in Orlando, Florida, USA.

26-06-2018 | Insulin glargine | ADA 2018 | News

Basal insulin works in poorly controlled type 2 diabetes

Insulin glargine-300 and insulin degludec-100 provide a similar level of glycemic control in patients with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes, results of the BRIGHT study show.

26-06-2018 | SGLT2 inhibitors | ADA 2018 | News

Dapagliflozin plus saxagliptin regimen shows promise for poorly controlled type 2 diabetes

Dapagliflozin plus saxagliptin offers a realistic alternative to both insulin and glimepiride in patients with type 2 diabetes poorly controlled by metformin, show two studies presented at the ADA’s 78th Scientific Sessions in Orlando, Florida, USA.

25-06-2018 | Type 1 diabetes | ADA 2018 | News

Markers of progression to type 1 diabetes proposed

Changes in the gut microbiome, microRNAs, glucose response curves, and pancreas volume may all be associated with progression to type 1 diabetes, reported researchers at the ADA’s 78th Scientific Sessions in Orlando, Florida, USA.

25-06-2018 | Cardiovascular outcomes | ADA 2018 | News

High risk with earlier diabetes onset seen in older population

Analysis of the Health and Retirement Study indicates that the adverse effects of earlier age of type 2 diabetes onset are also evident in an older population.

24-06-2018 | Insulin degludec | ADA 2018 | News

Degludec benefits consistent in elderly patients

Degludec delivers the same magnitude of protection against hypoglycemia relative to glargine across patient age groups, shows analysis of the SWITCH 2 and DEVOTE trials.

24-06-2018 | Adolescents | ADA 2018 | News

Adolescents with diabetes often not getting the psychotherapy services they need

Only a very small proportion of adolescents and young adults with diabetes who are referred for outpatient psychotherapy actually receive these services, even when there is an integrated pediatric psychologist in the clinic, research shows.

24-06-2018 | Pathophysiology | ADA 2018 | News

ASK finds islet autoantibodies in 1% of unselected children

The ASK study findings show that around 1% of children in the general population are at high risk for diabetes, and the majority of these have no family history of the condition.

24-06-2018 | Prediabetes | ADA 2018 | News

Shared decision-making enhances prevention efforts in prediabetes

A pharmacist-led shared decision-making intervention significantly increases the uptake of lifestyle-change programs and metformin use in patients with prediabetes, results of the PRIDE study show.

24-06-2018 | Metabolic surgery | ADA 2018 | News

Risks and benefits of gastric bypass surgery shown in obese patients with type 2 diabetes

Gastric bypass surgery benefits obese patients with type 2 diabetes in many ways, but such benefits come at a cost, show data presented at the ADA’s 78th Scientific Sessions in Orlando, Florida.

24-06-2018 | Hypoglycemia | ADA 2018 | News

Post-CABG hypoglycemia may predict long-term mortality

Patients who experience hypoglycemia during intensive insulin therapy after coronary artery bypass graft surgery may be at increased risk for dying during the next year, suggests research presented at the ADA’s 78th Scientific Sessions.

24-06-2018 | Hypoglycemia | ADA 2018 | News

Impaired hypoglycemia ‘relatively common’ in insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes

Researchers have reported that around one in 10 patients with insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes have impaired hypoglycemia awareness.

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